A service perfect matching speed and competence

Professional expertise, technological innovation, the highest possible graphical quality, prompt response: Intergrafica co-operates with its customers thus leading to excellence.  That is the very reason why the company is organised according to different departments, synergically working together.

  • graphical project department: consulting, design, prototyping
  • graphical/pre-pring department: graphical design, paging, cianos, computer-to-plate system as to prepare plates, printing plates
  • printint department: equipped with machines 70x100 format, 10 and 5 colours
  • packaging department: fitted with the main finishing tools (cutting units, folding units, metal stitching, thread sewing, cardboard)
  • warehouse: delivery management, mailing and logistics


Last generation units as to provide for the best results

Intergrafica profits from a wide and updated unit ranges, constantly upgraded with the most innovating equipment:

  • last generation CTP systems, perfectly integrated (profiting for the latest separted screening printing solution)
  • Macintosh stations
  • plotter 70x100 suitable to cianos and colour sampling
  • digital Konica_Minolta printer
  • Roland 700 10 colours, format 70x100 white/times
  • Heidelberg CD 5 colours, format 70x100 fitted with a paint laying unit
  • Sthal folders
  • Polar electronic cutters
  • Collector
  • Muller Martini to collect and finish with metal stitches