FSC® – CHAIN OF CUSTODY: a liability act

(n. CQ-COC-000070)

Intergrafica provides its customers graphical-editorial works made with FSC® materials while always implementing and managing a FSC® chain protection management system .
Thus the company is mainly focused on:

  • check any bought raw material certification (papers and cardboards) as well as relating vendors:
  • train the staff directly involved in the Chain of Custody system and more precisely people liable for the supply management;
  • avoid implementating the FSC® sales should the product be not compliant with the company application standards.

The FSC®  brand identifies product holding wood coming from correctly and consistently managed forests, according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. The original forest is controlled and assessed independently and in compliance with similar standards (good forest management principles and criteria), defined and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® through the participation and consent of people affected.
FSC® is an international, independent and no profit NGO, including among its members environmental and social supporting groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, companies processing and trading wood, scientists and technicians working together to improve the forest management all over the world.