Lista anni


Erregi was founded, a company operating in the printing sector of small magazines and commercial works as well.


The company is finally called Quadrifolio: a new 4 colour unit is bought and then an excellent printer buys a company shareholding, thus getting more and more qualifying jobs, in higher runs.


The graphic and pre-printing sectors hires new specialised professional operators.


The new factory starts being built in Azzano S. Paolo.


A commercial office is opened in Milan. New investments are enforced, in pre-print and printing departments too, with 70x100 4 and 5 colour units as well, in the bookbinding sector too, with new modern folding units.


The high technology CTP CREO system and a 10 colour Roland units are bought, the first in Italy.


Quadrifolio is awarded the Antalis Graphic Designers Awards, a competition awarding prizes for the best graphical products.


Quadrifolio acquires Signum srl in Bollate (Mi), still keeping its production factory in Azzano S. Paolo and its commercial offices in Milan.

Handicraft passion and industrial capacity

Handicraft passion and industrial capacity

Quadrifolio-Signum has been investing new resources and meas to evolve and be in line with present requirements, without getting rid of the typpical professional handicraft mastery. Handicraft passion and industrial capacity are perfectly matched in a perfect balance betwen tradition and innovatio. An operating mode offer higher and higher results with the best possible customer satisfaction.